Disgruntled Employee Takes Hostages in Walmart after Discharging Firearm. Police Shoot and Kill Suspect

An disgruntled employee took his boss and at least one other hostage after discharging a firearm inside a crowded Walmart in Amarillo, TX on June 14, 2016. Witness stated that someone yelled there is an active shooter and get out as fast as you can. The hostage taker supposedly was a long time employee that was mad about a promotion he did not receive according to initial reports. During the active situation one police officer was heard to be searching the suspects vehicle and found an empty holster and ammunition along with several Arabic writings or letters. The first reports were there was an active shooter inside the Walmart located at 4215 Canyon Drive in Amarillo, TX. Police made contact with the suspect and he was shot and killed. No reports that hostages were injured. This is still an active scene and investigation ongoing.

Man shot by police after he takes his boss hostage in Walmart

Iranian man takes his boss and one other hostage after shooting in the air in a crowded Walmart. Police shot and killed the suspect. No other injuries known at this time.

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